More and more public and private agencies are requiring program evaluations be obtained--by their

  • grantees
  • contractors
  • partners​

Other organizations are involved too

  • non-profit agencies
  • foundations
  • advocates​

The Center can help anyone who cares about public services and program evaluation 

Any of these could benefit from our expertise in all

facets of program

evaluation, including

  • program development
  • getting started
  • program oversight
  • client surveys
  • continuous monitoring
  • outcome evaluation

Midlothian and Purcellville, Virginia

Many of these are sponsored by governments

  • local
  • state
  • federal
  • international
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We focus on public programs

  • health
  • education
  • child welfare
  • housing
  • the environment
  • disaster response and readiness
  • housing
  • training programs
  • research

For-profit companies also serve the public

  • hospitals
  • private schools
  • home builders and developers
  • adoption agencies
  • transportation
  • nursing homes
  • energy companies