• ​​Evaluator for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, performing a retrospective assessment of its tobacco control and childhood obesity, and reviewing the implementation of its Culture of Health principles and framework

  • Invited speaker for the Elelanor Chelimski Forum on Evaluation Theory and Practice of the Eastern Evaluation Research Society on the subject of professional evaluation in the modern world.  Videos documenting presentations of Chelimsky Forum speakers are available on the EERS YouTube channel.

  • Evaluator for the State Department's review of the implementation of the Paris Declaration by the U.S. Government

  • Advisor for curriculum development to the Teaching Evaluation in South Asia Consortium (based in Sri Lanka)

  • Evaluator for the Conservation and Conservation Education Departments of the National Aquarium at Baltimore for its AquaEcosystem and AquaPartners education programs

  • Performance Management Improvement Systems Developer for the Federal Runaway and Homeless Youth program and NOAA's National Marine Fisheries law enforcement agency

  • Training for the Evaluation and Inspections staffs of the Inspectors General Offices for the U.S. Departments of Housing and Urban Development and of Interior, and for the Monitoring and Evaluation Staff of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service

  • Training and Technical Assistance for the UN High Commission for Refugees concerning its inspections of field operations in 120 countries.       

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The Center for Public Program Evaluation 

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We are an evaluation and policy development firm focused on helping public programs work efficiently and effectively.  We offer a full line of support to policy makers and program managers of governments, foundations, and other public entities to enhance their programs and improve services and outcomes for the people they serve.

Our Center does this through our unique experience and mastery of the three mechanisms through which public programs are established, directed, and renewed.  

Current and Recent projects include 

Through continuous monitoring and program evaluation, risk assessment and avoidance, management information and control systems, public administration, and financial management 

Midlothian and Purcellville, Virginia

Policy Development

Through early implementation reviews, client surveys, output measurement, performance assessment, in depth evaluation studies

Program Oversight

Through legislation, regulations, public policy research and analysis, citizen and stakeholder involvement, media communications

Program Evaluation