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Inspector Generals Corner

George F. Grob                                   


is President of the Center for Public Program Evaluation (www.EvaluationCenter.Net). The Center is an evaluation and policy development firm focused on helping public programs work efficiently and effectively.  It offers a full line of support to policy makers and program managers of governments, foundations, and other public entities, including                                                          


  •  Policy Development--through legislation, regulations, policy research and analysis, citizen and stakeholder involvement, media communications
  • Program Oversight--through continuous monitoring, risk assessment and avoidance,  management information and control systems, financial management
  • Evaluation--through early implementation reviews, client surveys, performance assessment, in depth evaluation studies


    Current and recent projects include


  •  Evaluator of the Office of Inspector General, Federal Housing Finance Agency, where he supervised studies of the conservatorship of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and of the Federal Home Loan Banks
  • Evaluator for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, performing a retrospective assessment of foundation's tobacco work
  • Consultant to the American Evaluation Association’s Evaluation Policy Task Force  ( for the Conservation and Conservation Education Departments of the National Aquarium at Baltimore
  • Teaching at the University of Edinsburgh, Scotland, on how evaluators can influence government policy making
  • Training evaluators and inspectors of the U.S. Departments of  Housing and Urban Development and of Interior
  •  Developing performance management  systems for the Federal Runaway and Homeless Youth program and NOAA's National Marine Fisheries law enforcement agency

    Prior to establishing this consultancy, he was the Executive Director of the Citizens' Health Care Working Group ( This commission was charged with listening to citizens across to country to hear what they think about our nation's health care system.  Based on their concerns, the Working Group sent recommendations to the President and the Congress. 


    In 1988 he joined the Office of Inspector General where he held the top positions in the Office of Evaluation and Inspections, becoming its Director in 1994. He oversaw the production of more than 1,000 studies in a 15-year period.

    The studies are credited by independent reviewers with saving billions of public dollars through improvements in efficiency and avoidance of wasteful spending. They were also instrumental in improving the effectiveness and quality of services, including nursing home care, protection of human research subjects, human tissue transplants, food and drug safety, medical care for children in foster care, child support enforcement, and more recently, anti-bioterrorism initiatives, to name just a few program areas they addressed.

    Mr. Grob has testified two dozen times before Congress and assisted other public officials in doing so as well.

    Prior to his service in the Office of Inspector General, he was Director of Planning and Policy Coordination at the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. Here, he helped organize and subsequently coordinated the Department’s policy development activities, especially legislation.

    Mr. Grob has a Master’s Degree of Arts in Mathematics from Georgetown University and completed undergraduate studies in English and philosophy. He is currently on the Editorial Advisory Board of the American Journal of Evaluation and the Advisory Board of the Eastern Evaluation Research Society ( He served for more than 12 years as Co-Chair of the Evaluation and Inspections Round Table of the President’s Council on Integrity and Efficiency. He has published articles in professional journal and has given numerous presentations at the national conferences of the American Evaluation Association and the Eastern Evaluation Research Society

    He earned the highest honors in his profession, including the President’s Distinguished Executive Award and the American Evaluation Association’s ( Alva and Gunnar Myrdal Government Award